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We are not 'Green-washing'. We have an instilled desire to make our farm and holiday accommodation sustainable.

How do we go about this?

  • Supporting our local economy and community

Using local suppliers, local producers and helping guests to discover and enjoy Cheshire farm produce by sharing our tips of where to shop so that they can in turn support our local economy.

  • Reducing Food Miles

100% of all food we use in our breakfast packs is produced in Cheshire : milk, eggs, butter, pork, bread and jam (which is often homemade) and always trying to avoid single use plastic. 

  • Encouraging sustainable travel

Encouraging use of public transport, cycling and walking to discover the local area. We are surrounded by footpaths, have great links to the National Cycle Network and offer secure bike storage for cyclists.​ Guests are requested to use the 'Countryside Code' when walking in the area and beyond.

  • Preserving our countryside 

Your actions, in our area, can affect other peoples lives and livelihoods. Please be respectful when walking our local countryside. Leave nothing behind. Leave everything the way you found it. Take your litter home. Close gates.

Importantly take your dog waste home. We have a specific bin for dog waste and offer free of charge fully compostable bags.

Dog faeces can cause abortion in cattle and sheep as well as toxoplasmosis in people. Bag it and bin it. We have clear signage about the farm to help our guests understand the importance of disposing of dog waste responsibly.

  • Our welcome/ house book email

Giving our guests the information they need to plan ahead and make informed decisions on how they will holiday with us... this knowledge can reduce unnecessary travel and highlights local businesses. No more unnecessary tourist leaflets- all links to tourist attractions are included in our digital housebook.

  • Reducing Waste & 


By considering what we purchase for our business and identifying products that use single use plastic or wasteful and non recyclable packaging. Making it easy to recycle, we have bin stores clearly labelled and encourage guests to help us fulfil our aspirations of recycling everything.Many items of furniture in our cottages are pre-loved and vintage.

  • Enviro Friendly Cleaning

We do not use harsh chemicals, all cleaning products, soap and hand wash is certified eco-friendly and do not damage water life.​ Purchased in bulk containers from a B Corp brand to minimise our use of plastic.

We ask that all visitors to our CL site use only green/ Organic Elsan.

Bin bags are bio-degradable and paper products are recycled and again purchased from a B Corp company.

  • Heating & Hot Water

All heat for the farm and cottages is produced from two large Biomass boilers with Solar panels providing electricity and returning energy to the grid. Controls are on a timer to prevent heating being left on when guests are out.

Our wood pellets for our boilers are supplied by Balcas and are manufactured from pure sawdust, a by-product from the sawmills on the Scottish site and all wood used is sourced from sustainable forests approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council. The production sites are self-sufficient in electricity, displacing energy previously generated from fossil fuels and they sell surplus electricity to the grid.

  • Electrical Vehicles

As electric cars are increasing in popularity then should you be visiting in your electric car then we can supply the energy to do this.

  • Our land

We encourage guests to use our land to walk and wildlife spot- our fields adjoin the Shropshire Union Canal which is a hive of wildlife. We keep hedge cutting to a minimum and any pits and ponds disturbance is kept to a minimum especially when silaging. 

700 trees have been planted on the farm from some 30 species to help sequester carbon and to contribute to the 'The Northern Forest'.

  • Never stop learning

We are currently (Nov'22) undergoing an awards certification programme which recognises the commitment of tourism businesses which are actively working to become more sustainable. 'Green Tourism' accreditation will give us the resources and expertise to help us further our knowledge in creating a sustainable and eco conscious environment for you, our guests.

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