We are always looking for ways to minimise and reduce our impact on the environment and we're committed to making Yew Tree Farm as environmentally friendly as we can.


  • Not only do we try to support the local economy by shopping locally but our aim is to reduce pollution by helping our guests to discover nearby activities and businesses where they can enjoy locally grown, sourced and reared food.

  • We have a list of all the local farm shops, butchers and local suppliers in each cottage and we use them regularly.


  • Our breakfast packages include fresh free range eggs from chickens living on an organic diet and locally reared pork from a local butcher who sources his meat from local farms. Why not order a breakfast package for your arrival- the produce you will receive will have travelled less than 5 miles to get to you.  

  • Your welcome package will always include a pint of milk in an environmentally friendly glass bottle and free range eggs from local hens.


  • The farm is set in a beautiful rural area and the resources we have on our doorstep are both immense and varied:



  • Guests are able to make use of our secure bike storage and as we are on the National Cycle/ Sustrans route there is plenty of opportunity to leave the car at the farm for a day or two.


  • All heat for the farm and cottages is produced from two large Biomass boilers with Solar panels providing electricity. 

  • Our wood pellets for our boilers are supplied by Balcas and are manufactured from pure sawdust, a by-product from the sawmills on the Scottish site and all wood used is sourced from sustainable forests approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council. The production sites are self-sufficient in electricity, displacing energy previously generated from fossil fuels and they sell surplus electricity to the grid.

  • As electric cars are increasing in popularity then should you be visiting in your electric car then we can supply the energy to do this from our Solar panels.


  • The cottages and shower block for caravans are cleaned with eco-friendly products such as Ecover and Ecloths and you will be provided with washing-up liquid and cleaning materials that are kind to the environment so please do use them.

  • Toilet paper in the cottages and on the caravan site is environmentally conscious! We ask those in caravan and motorhomes to use Green/ Organic Elsan.


  • We make it easy to recycle as bins are clearly marked. 

  • We have recently planted over 700 native tree species on our land.